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Established in the pursuit of fulfilling the garden challenge

Our goal is to prepare children for the challenges in life; to give them a strong character that can withstand storms of life; to equip them with life skills that promote creativity and problem solving tactics; to expand their scope of imagination and intelligence; to promote team spirit and co-operation while gaining knowledge and wisdom in life; and lastly to enjoy and have fun with others as they experience the reality of life.


The Green Garden Boarding School, better known as the Main School, was established in 1991. Since then we have catered to students from Class 3 to Class 8, who find boarding school to be the best option. We are dedicated to making a holistic child that will not only fit in this global village but also achieve their future dreams. We are keen in prizing independent interests and emphasizing autonomy in learning. We highly emphasize on activities that value kindness, caring, empathy, and good citizenship. We focus our curricular and co-curricular activities on subjects that are particularly interesting to all learners. These activities attract like-minded peers, intellectual learners, artists and athletes depending on the learners’ preferences. Our trained teachers and staff understand each student separately; the shy, serious, introverted or sensitive temperament in learners. We have succeeded to enforce an anti-bullying program that encourage students to empower each other at all times. Its truly an all rounded, down-to-earth environment perfect for any growing student.

Upper primary + Junior School

Tr. Okello Collins, B.Ed

Managing Principal

Beginners + Pre-primary +  Lower primary + Upper primary + Junior School + Senior School


(rongai day school)

Since its inception in the year 2016, The Green Garden Purple campus has curved a niche in the world of top schools in the region. The institution has continued to offer quality education as well as provide an environment where our learners proudly call home away from home. With this as our core, we have grown to now cater to day scholars from Beginner class (age 3) to Class 8.

Our commitment to strong Christian morals and values as one of our pillars has kept it vibrant and focused. Over the years, we have been committed to development of a whole person who is creative, confident, humble, open minded, morally upright, emotionally and intellectually empowered to cope with the challenges of a dynamic society.

We acknowledge with great appreciation the role played by our parents and the entire purple campus family to ensure the mission and vision are achieved.

The school is located in a serene and child friendly environment which makes it the best school for all children to achieve their dreams.


Tr. Wambui Keiyoro, M.s B.Ed

School Coordinator

YELLOW CAMPUS  (kikuyu day school)

Beginners + Pre-primary +  Lower primary

The Green Garden Yellow Campus is a unique centre of academic excellence, cleanliness, talents development and strong christian morals located in Kikuyu Town. Our broad and challenging 8-4-4 curriculum stimulates intellectuality and curiosity with every child. Our focus is to build a wholistic child who is hardworking, creative, confidence and humble. We cater to dayscholars from Beginner class (age 3) to Class 8, and strive to offer viable and reliable transport within Kiambu County and extending environment. Our day typically starts from 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM and is divided into two main sections; Academic lessons up to lunch time and A learning activities period from lunchtime to close. We offer a variety of learning activities including swimming, music and drama, melodies, band, scouting, skating, tae-kwon- do, golf, ball games, creative arts and more. In addition to the above, being a day school allows our parents to play a key role through provision of time and resources for learning. We encourage our parents to motivate their children everyday and consult teachers for reinforcement. If you are looking for a home away from home, The Green Garden Day School is the place for your child.

Tr. Nginyo George, B.Ed. Arts(Nrb)

Managing Principal


(girls boarding school)

The Green Garden High School was established in 2002 and  is located 20km from the city centre in a quiet, serene and evergreen environment conducive for learning. The Schools offers an 8.4.4 curriculum with a wide variety of co-curricular activities ranging from sports, music, creative arts, clubs, scouting and more. Our mandate is to nurture an all round girl child who is competent both in the social and empirical sciences. We follow a strict science biased curriculum, with  some of the best laboratories you can find anywhere in the Kenyan Secondary Schools. Why a science biased curriculum? We believe that the girl child should be empowered and encouraged to pursue a science career where very few women are represented. With this in mind, our school offers numerous opportunities to competitively challenge boys in the scientific and technological world. A good example would be our robotics and biology clubs that have competed nationally frequently. We not only believe in empowering the girl child academically but also physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially to make her stand out in a male dominated world

Managing Principal

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