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Character. Integrity. Purpose. Responsibility.

These are the four pillars that govern the Green Garden Schools Character Building Seminars. Every term students explore the six core values in character development and how each can be fostered and implemented into their lives. We believe that each age group faces various developmental issues that need to be addressed before moving into the next age group. The Green Garden Schools have known the importance of developing character for well over twenty years. We have been developing character by teaching a set of core values that are age appropriate and address each student.

We have come to realize that our society has a problem in providing positive youth development for all kids. In many ways, we adults give the wrong message to youth. Our children and youth are in real need of positive youth development - and the cornerstone of youth development is character development. Every child has the right to develop his or her character so that he or she will know "right" from "wrong" and make decisions that will allow them to be a child of character and competence. With this in mind the Gardener Character Building Seminars were born!

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